Whence We Came?


“Whence we came?” is an aged old question. We know the Grand Lodge of England was formed in 1717, but where did the four lodges that formed the Grand Lodge come from? How far back do our traditions go? Does our ancestry really date only so far back as the age of taverns and bars? Over the next series of articles, we will explore our history and in the process, travel through time to ancient lands and rediscover ancient wisdoms.

Articles By: RW Michael S Neuberger, Grand Historian – 2017

Volume 1: Osiris
Volume 2: Dionysian Artificers
Dionysian Artificers
Volume 3: Mithraism
Volume 4: Comacine Masters
Comacine Masters
Volume 5: Druids
Volume 6: New Atlantis
New Atlantis
Volume 7: Rosicrucianism
Volume 8: Templar Knights
Templar Knights
Volume 9: The Final Answer